Tomyhoi Peak, WA

I have hailed from the Pacific Northwest all my life. I currently live in Seattle and work full time as a Graphic Designer. Though I lived in the suburbs as a kid, I grew up hunting mushrooms and hucking dried cow pies during any school break where my parents could pack us up & hit the road to the woods of Eastern Washington.

Not all of us can spend our full time jobs being outside. As weekday city-dwellers most of us turn to the mountains, water and woods as weekend warriors. I decided to start this blog because I felt there was a lack of resources and tips that come from trial and error stories from the trail. I also have found that writing down my memories and stories and being able to share them with others has been filling a missing piece in my day-to-day. I have found that whether it’s backpacking, climbing, hiking, camping, snow sports, fitness or even food—there is always a learning curve. In no way do I consider myself an expert in any of these things. In fact, I’m a perpetual beginner in most things. But I take it as a challenge to improve. I hope to shed some humility and genuinely honest stories from my experiences outdoors, provide a few tips and tricks, as well as reviewing some of my favorite gear along the way. Thanks for taking a pause and peruse.


Additional information

If you’d like to contact me with ideas on what you’d like to hear about on the blog, any questions, comments or additional thoughts, please send along an email to angie.tomson@gmail.com.



I take all my photos with an iPhone 5s/6 unless otherwise noted or taken by someone else. I like the challenge of getting the best photos I can with a smart phone. I edit most of my images with the VSCO app.

If I have used a photo that you would like taken down, please contact me to address the issue.