Angie Tomson
Angie Tomson
My name is Angie Tomson and I hail form the Pacific Northwest, born and bred. I live and work in Seattle as a Graphic Designer but can be found in the mountains and woods most weekends. When it comes to getting outside and being active, I find myself a perpetual beginner in everything and in no way an expert in anything. But I hope share my genuinely honest (and sometimes ridiculous) stories from my experiences outdoors, provide a few tips and tricks as well as review some of my favorite gear along the way.
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Things I’ve learned – Finding your people

The last year has been a rough one, I'm not going to lie. Job, relationships of all types, general health and happiness...all seemed to be a huge struggle. A rut is what I was in, as one might say. A stupid, huge, unhappy RUT. Since the start of this year, something has shifted. I'm not sure what has happened. I don't know if Neptune's moon cycles have changed, the stars aligned or if someone rubbed...

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Things I’ve learned – Don’t be a Turkey

I’ll admit it, I have a few horribly embarrassing fears when it comes to being outdoors (and not just limited to the great wide open either). Truth time: I have a huge fear that while checking my IG and FB while *ahem* ‘resting’ in the rest room, that my phone will become possessed and take a picture of my ‘business’ and blast it across the world wide web in some...

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Camp Mission – Bean Peak

I got lost in a parking garage. I got lost in a parking garage after a client meeting and all I could think was...'Wait, you found your friends on top of a mountain with no trail and minimal directions by following foot prints in the snow....WHY ARE YOU LOST IN A STUPID PARKING GARAGE!?' I realized City Dweller side of me takes over occasionally and argues with the Adventurist side....

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Getting started – hiking

More and more I see the topic of hiking being something rather easy and possibly obvious to talk about, but time and time again I see people on the trail horribly underprepared for the hike that they are on (wait, wait, wait....did I just see that gal wearing Keds?....KEDS!?). But, it also seems like a good topic to talk about for a lot of people this time of year. Seattleites...

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Top 10 things I always bring with me

Whether it's hiking, backpacking, snowboarding or climbing I have a staple set of gear that I always pack with me. Most of these things are can't live without items. And a couple are for safety purposes as well. Some of these things may be rather obvious but, if you ever find yourself wondering....'what should I pack?' hopefully starting here will help. So, without further adieu (and in no particular order)...  ...

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Things I’ve learned – Goats are jerks

Do not let these fluffy creatures fool you. They are big stupid fuzzy jerks. The whole bunch of them. How do I know this? I spent 5 days in the Enchantments and ended up camping in a goat colony. Sure, the websites warn you 'pee on rocks, stay 50 ft away from them if possible, don't pet them, etc.' But you still have a sense of naivety about mountain goats until...

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Hike it out – Summit Lake

This day could do no wrong. Sun, snow, blue sky, chickadees, pups...and in late February, these nice of conditions are unheard of *insert double hand bling emoji here*. A couple of gal pals and myself were looking to go hiking and Summit Lake was recommended by my cousin Mackenzie. I saw some of pictures she had taken when she did the hike the weekend before and the views of Rainier looked epic....

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Getting Started – Climbing

My start So this was a slow roller for me. It really took me awhile to get into it, almost 2 years. But let me tell you, once you cross a certain threshold, climbing will get it's hooks in you and never let go. It's truly a gateway drug as now I'm contemplating glacier and alpine climbing if I need another recreational hobby to buy gear for.... Anywho, the...

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Trippin’ – Canyoneering Zion & Escalante – Part II

After hitting up our canyons in Zion, the second half of our trip was to head to Escalante, Utah. We had plans to hike in and camp out at Neon Canyon for 4 days. We took off from Zion and took a 3.5 hour drive further into canyon country. We stopped in Escalante to get supplies and food for our stay on the Escalante River, then headed out to the spur that would...

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Trippin’ – Canyoneering Zion & Escalante – Part  I

In January of 2013, a few of my friends kept talking about doing a second trip to Zion later that summer for some more canyoneering. The way they described their first trip and the stories that were told of rappelling down 100ft waterfalls, wading through the Narrows, and weaving their way through challenging slot canyons piqued my interest. At this point I had only been climbing casually here and there for about a year and...

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