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Trippin’ – Canyoneering Zion & Escalante – Part II

After hitting up our canyons in Zion, the second half of our trip was to head to Escalante, Utah. We had plans to hike in and camp out at Neon Canyon for 4 days. We took off from Zion and took a 3.5 hour drive further into canyon country. We stopped in Escalante to get supplies and food for our stay on the Escalante River, then headed out to the spur that would...

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Trippin’ – Canyoneering Zion & Escalante – Part  I

In January of 2013, a few of my friends kept talking about doing a second trip to Zion later that summer for some more canyoneering. The way they described their first trip and the stories that were told of rappelling down 100ft waterfalls, wading through the Narrows, and weaving their way through challenging slot canyons piqued my interest. At this point I had only been climbing casually here and there for about a year and...

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