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Things I’ve learned – Don’t be a Turkey

I’ll admit it, I have a few horribly embarrassing fears when it comes to being outdoors (and not just limited to the great wide open either). Truth time: I have a huge fear that while checking my IG and FB while *ahem* ‘resting’ in the rest room, that my phone will become possessed and take a picture of my ‘business’ and blast it across the world wide web in some...

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Getting started – hiking

More and more I see the topic of hiking being something rather easy and possibly obvious to talk about, but time and time again I see people on the trail horribly underprepared for the hike that they are on (wait, wait, wait....did I just see that gal wearing Keds?....KEDS!?). But, it also seems like a good topic to talk about for a lot of people this time of year. Seattleites...

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Getting Started – Climbing

My start So this was a slow roller for me. It really took me awhile to get into it, almost 2 years. But let me tell you, once you cross a certain threshold, climbing will get it's hooks in you and never let go. It's truly a gateway drug as now I'm contemplating glacier and alpine climbing if I need another recreational hobby to buy gear for.... Anywho, the...

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