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Things I’ve learned – Finding your people

The last year has been a rough one, I'm not going to lie. Job, relationships of all types, general health and happiness...all seemed to be a huge struggle. A rut is what I was in, as one might say. A stupid, huge, unhappy RUT. Since the start of this year, something has shifted. I'm not sure what has happened. I don't know if Neptune's moon cycles have changed, the stars aligned or if someone rubbed...

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Things I’ve learned – Don’t be a Turkey

I’ll admit it, I have a few horribly embarrassing fears when it comes to being outdoors (and not just limited to the great wide open either). Truth time: I have a huge fear that while checking my IG and FB while *ahem* ‘resting’ in the rest room, that my phone will become possessed and take a picture of my ‘business’ and blast it across the world wide web in some...

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Getting started – hiking

More and more I see the topic of hiking being something rather easy and possibly obvious to talk about, but time and time again I see people on the trail horribly underprepared for the hike that they are on (wait, wait, wait....did I just see that gal wearing Keds?....KEDS!?). But, it also seems like a good topic to talk about for a lot of people this time of year. Seattleites...

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Top 10 things I always bring with me

Whether it's hiking, backpacking, snowboarding or climbing I have a staple set of gear that I always pack with me. Most of these things are can't live without items. And a couple are for safety purposes as well. Some of these things may be rather obvious but, if you ever find yourself wondering....'what should I pack?' hopefully starting here will help. So, without further adieu (and in no particular order)...  ...

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Things I’ve learned – Goats are jerks

Do not let these fluffy creatures fool you. They are big stupid fuzzy jerks. The whole bunch of them. How do I know this? I spent 5 days in the Enchantments and ended up camping in a goat colony. Sure, the websites warn you 'pee on rocks, stay 50 ft away from them if possible, don't pet them, etc.' But you still have a sense of naivety about mountain goats until...

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Things I’ve Learned – I suck at packing

Okay, I don't totally suck at packing, I just am not so good at packing for backpacking trips. The food, the gear, the all gets overwhelming. Especially the food. I never forget anything, but I am always so afraid of running out of food when in reality, I always end up packing at least an extra day of food every time. For instance, on my trip to the Enchantments,...

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